Paintings on Granite

Years ago I (Chad) was commissioned by Anheuser Busch to paint their evolving logos on granite. I was given five 32"diameter polished granite disks and one 48" disk of solid marble. I took them to a local tombstone manufacturer and had the patterns sandblasted two different depths and then painted the exposed granite with tombstone paint.The five finished paintings were installed into a brick wall, outside, on the new addition to the brewery. They are still there today and will last forever. The one 48" marble disk was installed into the sidewalk as a seal at the entrance of the administration building. A coating to make it non-slippery was applied which turned the color of the paint. That painting was eventually was removed. After the project was finished I was asked to paint one more A.H. Eagle. It was sent to St. Louis and was hung in the Vice Presidents office.

Check them out the next time you're on the north side of Jacksonville.....and take a tour of the brewery! Print

granite painting 1 granite painting 2 granite painting 3 granite painting 4 granite painting 5There is one more older logo but I couldn't find a photo of it. granite painting 6 granite painting 7 granite painting 8