Light Paintings

Sometimes we like to get a little funky with the camera! Here's a few examples of our light painting portraits.Courtney and Vince at Five Points Theatre. Anne and Erik in St. Augustine.Nichole and Jimmy at Friendship Fountain. The Dance of Lights, a tradition at Phillipino Weddings. Remember this Victoria and Nick?Shanna and Brice at The Aetna Building. Brice is a Marine so he really loved the American flag in the background. Lisa and Chris at Eagle Harbor Country Club. Their last name starts with M. Stephanie and John on St.George Street. My favorite one of all!! Krissy posing for me while I set up the shot. --I Love You!  Chad

Nichole + Jimmy's Engagement

Nichole and Jimmy called us a while back said they wanted something different and artsy for their engagement session. Excellent! So we took them to our friend and fellow CoRK artist, Dolf James,  for a few shots with his famous Red Chairs in his studio. Afterwards we headed over to Metropolitan Park and Friendship Fountain for a few long exposures, we then ended the night at The Flystie Irish Pub. What a great time we had!Thanks so much you guys and we'll see you soon at Palm Valley Gardens!

More about Dolf's Red Chairs here