Tara + Anthony, Walter Jones Park, Mandarin Fl.

If you're at all familiar with our blog you know that we only write a very minimal amount. We're artists, not authors. We like to think that our work speaks for it's self and words aren't a necessity for anything other than SEO. But.... a few months ago we had our initial consultation with Tara and Anthony.  We had no idea of the story we were about to be told and the assignment we would be given. 
A while ago Tara was in a car accident. She was fine but as a precaution she was taken to the hospital and given a CAT scan. The doctors found a brain tumor about the size of a golf ball. Tara had no symptoms and the news was a complete shock to say the least.  Shortly afterward she had a major brain surgery and the parts of the tumor that could be found were successfully removed! The saying God works in mysterious ways must ring in everyones mind when hearing this.
Recently, just days before their engagement session, Tara had a seizure. So back to the hospital she went and after an MRI and tons of tests, Timmy the Tumor (as Tara likes to call it) has reared his ugly face again. She now has another brain surgery scheduled very soon. 
Throughout all of this Tara has been unbelievably upbeat, positive, loving, and most of all, thankful for every day she has been given. She and Anthony are an absolute pleasure to be around.
Tara and Anthony are also super creative people! Something that might not seem like a big deal to most people but to us it can be quite intimidating! Are we going to live up to their expectations, are they going think everything we do is lame?
So at their engagement session we decided to try our best to shoot past what they were doing at the moment and try to capture who they are as people, as a couple, and how much they love each other and life!
It is our deepest hopes that after you view these images you feel like you know Tara and Anthony just a little bit and your day is just a little bit brighter than it was before! 

PS. Tara will be unable to work for some time after her surgery and is in need of funds for living expenses and the portion of the surgery not covered by insurance. If you have a moment, please donate what you can to help!  (Click HERE for more info.) 


Nakeena + Dwaine, Riverside Jacksonville

We are so happy these two were able to fly in from San Francisco for their engagement session.  If just shooting their engagement photos for a few hours was this fun, I can't imagine how much fun their wedding is going to be!

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