MaryAnne + Jerry's Springfield Engagement

MaryAnne and Jerry told us they wanted something different for their engagement photos, which is pretty much the best thing someone could say to us! We love getting creative while at the same time keeping it conservative -(if that makes any sense).  In any case, MaryAnne and Jerry took us to some of their favorite places downtown and into their beautiful home in Springfield. The result was creative photographs that are also personal to them... and not cheesy! Thanks and Congratulations you guys! We had a blast!! Krissy and Chad Jerry and his brother Jason are the owners of Strata Clothing. Check it out!!We love these photos taken at MaryAnne and Jerry's house! We stopped by 11 East downtown, where Jerry chose door #2 and met the girl of his dreams!We also stopped by a swanky little bar MaryAnne and Jerry like to frequent, Dos Gatos.